Monday, August 4, 2014

Thrice Around the Block Top Blog Posts of All Time!

The nice thing about blogs is that viewership can grow even when you neglect it.  Having only recently returned to blogging after an 18 month hiatus, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the average monthly viewership rate had doubled.

In any event, I thought it might be interesting to share what people have been hitting.  Here are the Top Nine Posts on Thrice Around the Block:
  1. Developing a Customer Profile
  2. How to Set Prices:  Pricing Strategy
  3. Applying the Customer Profile
  4. How to Set Prices:  Tangible Pricing Methods
  5. The Growth Mystique: A Silicon Valley Parable
  6. Education for the Small Business Entrepreneur
  7. Process vs. "Product" People
  8. My Top 25 (and counting) Business Books
  9. How to Set Prices: Revenue Models and Pricing Mechanisms

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